Sessions with Elaine are always magical. She really teaches you from the heart. I always leave feeling pain-free.

1:1 yoga therapy is not your regular yoga class

It is tension release and stress management at its best. It is result-oriented and fosters a much deeper mind-body integration.

Yoga therapy is different in that we address chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety at their roots. We adapt specific yoga techniques to your unique body to support your healing process so that you can move through life with clarity, grounding, and confidence. Ultimately, yoga therapy creates harmony between you, your physical health, and your emotional well-being. 

Our clients learn how to to resolve pain and tension at their roots, to integrate self-care routines into their daily life, to let go of habits that hinder them from feeling their best, and to improve physical health. They transform to become more confident in their bodiesmore connected to themselves, and more grounded in their energy for a fuller life.  

Our promise to you is reliable accountability to ensure your optimal progress, and direct response to emails, calls, and texts within 24 hours on business days.

If you're ready to become your best self for your family, friends, and community, let's start a conversation

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We were fortunate enough to be able to hire Elaine for weekly private yoga session at our floral design studio. From the get go it was a huge success! Elaine introduced us to restorative yoga and more important to the breathing techniques that have helped us during our physically demanding workday. Every single session we learn and improve due to her ability to listen closely and cater to our individual needs right away. Attentive, knowledgable and just a great presence to be with!
— Svenja, Florist
My lower back has been a reoccurring issue for nearly 20 years, the cycle from good health to poor is usually attributable as mentioned to workloads. Elaine was great to talk too, she did not take a viewpoint as others have in the past of “well you need to block out at least 3 X 1 hour sessions a week”, instead she listened to how my life is, and helped me realize that a custom plan could fit into my life utilizing short windows of time and adding more in when I had the space to do so. She is conscientious, thoughtful, a great listener, and a natural advisor and coach!
— Matthew, Realtor