Elaine has been monumental in my recovery. I am very pleased to say I have over 90% of my mobility back and little pain doing the mundane tasks that had caused me such grief when initially diagnosed. Elaine’s dedication and positive energy has played a great role in helping me overcome my challenges mentally, as well as physically.
— Riley C., Software Engineer
After learning about my history, daily habits and current injuries, Elaine guided my therapy session with yoga movements that were specific to me. In my particular case she combined some basic yoga and restorative movement with deep release. I have been a dancer since I was 4 and prided myself on knowing how to move and manipulate my body but never have I experienced body awareness and deep release like this. I also love Powerlifting and CrossFit. Working out hard is what makes my body feel alive but little did I know that the exact opposite could make me feel just as alive as well. If you workout in any way, have chronic pain, an injury, a high-intensity life, don’t make time for yourself or want to learn how to move better this is a thing you must try.
— Tif S., Movement Coach
“I was fit and have always eaten healthy so it was unexpected to learn that I had pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. Puzzled, but fortunately, Ms Elaine Oyang went through a thorough analysis of my eating habits and guided me back to health! Ms Oyang attended my situation with open mind and respect of individual differences. After my health improved, Ms Oyang continues to follow up with me from time to time to ensure that I am still on the right track. I am grateful for Ms Oyang’s professional work and would highly recommend her services with full conviction.”
— Jade H., Consultant
“Elaine has a very thorough understanding of the human body as a whole—she treats your condition as it relates to your energy levels and moods throughout the day. She backs her diagnosis with sound scientific reason and knowledge, and communicates her understanding such that anyone can grasp it. She is also a very compassionate individual, and encourages you to live a crutch-free healthful lifestyle that is sustainable and totally doable!”
— Jennifer M., Software Engineer
“She’s a body prodigy. I often have neck pains due to my line of work, and when I asked her for a solution, she explained to me what was causing my pains, and then suggested a sequence of stretches that would alleviate the pain. I was very impressed with her ability to identify the root cause, and quickly suggest a treatment. Highly recommended!”
— Dmitri S., CEO
Elaine is very professional and knowledgeable about Yoga. Before I began her class I explained my medical limitations. She has tailored the instruction to meet my needs. Since I have been taking her class I feel better, I have more flexibility and have improved my balance. . I look forward to Yoga class each week. Elaine is very personable and friendly. I highly recommend her class whether you are a beginner or and advanced student of Yoga.
— Robert B.