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Clueless and pinched for time when it comes to eating healthy? Discover whole foods nutrition for your body type, schedule, and lifestyle to nourish you from the inside-out!


“Let thy food be medicine, and thy medicine be food.” ~Hippocrates

What if FOOD is actually your answer to your skin issues, insomnia, digestive issues, and insatiable cravings for sweets? What if FOOD is your gateway to feeling more vibrant, confident, grounded, and nourished? 

But they are! 

The problem boils down to: Are you eating the right food for YOUR unique body? 

That’s where I come in. Allow me to help you. 

You work hard. You take care of everyone at your job circle, your friend circle, and your family circle. Now it’s time to take care of YOU.  

Because sometimes it’s hard to stay on a healthy track when you’re giving your time to the community, I work with you to create goal-oriented healthy eating habits that are easily integrable into your daily routines. No need to spend 2 hours per day chopping, slicing, marinating, and cooking for your dose of healthy meals.

I was eating poorly, feeling uncentered, stressed and lonely— and generally more unhappy than I have ever been. When I started working with Elaine, I was immediately able to confide ‘shameful’ and ‘embarrassing’ truths without feeling judged, in order to get to the roots of my discomfort. She looked at everything wholeheartedly and provided different holistic angles that help me pick what worked best for my lifestyle.
— Phoebe L.

Through our work together, you will:

  • Learn how to eat for increased and sustained energy throughout the day
  • Successful lose or gain weight without “dieting” and keep the weight
  • Reduce and manage your cravings, bloating, and other digestive issues
  • Discover how to eat for health, and the importance of proper nutrition for the repair, maintenance, and vitality of the body
  • Easily integrate the rejuvenating eating-for-health lifestyle into your routine
  • Say goodbye to your craving monster and be able to smartly indulge in treats
  • Eat with intuition
  • Expand your diversity of fresh, whole, seasonal foods 
  • Receive stress-free, 20-minutes-or-less meal plans and recipes based on your unique body type, dietary preferences, and schedule

Nourishing Nutrition Consulting is for you if you are: 

  • Looking to improve your diet but are confused about what the internet tells you?
  • Exhausted all the time, despite a full night’s sleep? 
  • Working hard and need your food to fuel you rather than drain you?
  • Eating out a lot and know that it’s taking a toll on your body (and your wallet)?
  • Looking to upgrade your cooking outside of meat, potatoes, and pasta?
  • Tired of all the fad diets out there and want something that sticks?
  • Trying to lose weight, but no matter what you try, the weight always creeps back up?
  • Battling with nightly craving monsters?

My Approach is based on Dr. Ed Bauman's Eating-for-Health model. The role of whole foods nutrition is not diet, but rather about creating a sustainable and empowering lifestyle for you. 
I don't believe in dieting, restriction, and don't's. 
I believe in simplicity, sustainability, and empowerment. 

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