More than just Employee Wellness, but a program to optimize employee engagement, enhance productivity, reduce rates of burn-out, and increase happiness. 

The Silicon Valley start-up scene is rough. There is always another company that is just one step away from surpassing you. There is a lot of talent, but also a lot of turn-over. There are lots of fresh, ambitious spirits, but also high rates of burn-out. There is a high density of intellectual minds, but ultimately the stress, demand, and pressure of the Valley can break you down.

Let me show you how you can increase your company’s well-being, productivity, focus, retention, and mental health by implementing 2-minute mindfulness practices into their days.

The 6-part Stress Management Seminar is intended to foster resilience and provide measurable results for stress management and improved sense of well-being. The program takes place in 6 weekly, one-hour classes, with additional support during the week to help develop healthy habits. Participants will learn bite-sized, functional yoga and lifestyle tools to manage stress and burn-out, so they can put out their most valuable and authentic work.



  • Return your body to baseline on the job and maintain internal focus. 

WEEK 2: Managing Daily Aches and Pains

  •  Use simple tools and exercises to ease tension, reduce stress, and manage pain.

 WEEK 3: Hands-on Tools for Stress Management

  • Reduce stress and improve sense and well-being with positive psychology.

WEEK 4: Exercise in the Workplace

  • Build stamina and productivity with bite-sized exercises throughout the workday.

WEEK 5: Tools for Insomnia

  • Maximize sleep for better physical and mental functions.

WEEK 6: Wrap-up and What’s Next

  • Tie all the tools and techniques learned in the past few weeks and how to successfully integrate them into a daily routine.


Why stress management and what does this mean for the company?

  • Foster happiness at work

  • Optimized engagement within the company

  • Maximize sleep and rest to reduce burn-out

  • Increase employee loyalty and retain company talent

  • Enhance focus, clarity, and productivity

  • Help employees feel valued and cared for