I've always known that I was born to heal people and change their lives, and I found that through my work as a yoga therapy teacher and nutrition consultant. 

After graduating from Harvey Mudd College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology, I pursued my passion of teaching yoga. With over ten years of practice, experience, and continuing education on anatomy, meditation, functional exercises, nutrition and yoga therapy, I bring my knowledge to the forefront when working with my students and clients. I am passionate about helping people go above and beyond their chronic pain, sleep problems, and digestive issues so that they can live an active and full life. 

I support bodies through private yoga therapy sessions to relieve chronic pain, manage stress and anxiety, encourage deep relaxation and release, and restore vitality. This includes:

  • lower and upper back pain
  • spinal tension and injuries
  • insomnia 
  • anxiety and depression
  • chronic tensions in neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips
  • injury recovery and prevention
  • adrenal fatigue
  • stress management

I guide my clients through a whole foods way of eating that is nurturing for their unique bodies to lift the fog of fatigue, regain mental clarity, reduce digestive issues, and restore radiance. This includes:

  • fatigue and exhaustion
  • grogginess throughout the day
  • inability to focus
  • bloating and stomach pains
  • constipation and/or diarrhea
  • skin breakouts

I am here to empower you towards a life full of vibrancy and energy, so that you can enjoy all the things that life has to offer for you.


background & training

IAYT 800hr Yoga Therapy Training [on going]
Stress Management Center, Larkspur, CA, USA, 2018

Certified Nutrition Consultant
Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, Berkeley, CA, USA, 2015

100hr Experiential and Functional Anatomy with Adarsh Williams
Monterey Yoga Shala, Monterey, CA, USA, 2014

100hr Yoga and the Female Anatomy with Arielle Nash
Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand, 2013

100hr Advanced Pranayama with Sri O. P. Tiwari
Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand, 2012

200hr Foundational Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Dallaghan
Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand, 2011

Bachelor of Science in Biology
Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA 2011